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How to create your own ad in just a few easy steps!  You define your market necessities,  how far and where you wish to reach, from a local to an international market- budget it with pinpoint accuracy., nearly anything can be advertised job offers, promotions – stand-alone or cross-media.

airtango text ads transfer the successful concepts of  commercial classifieds and search engine advertising (pay-per-view) to the world of digital outdoor advertising. In the airtango DOOH network, advertising messages find a large and clearly defined environment on more than 3,000 screens in more than 750 fitness studios, gyms  in the G,S,A  region.

Direct implementation using our booking mask, eliminates the  difficulties of ad creation and booking. With airtango text ads, both local companies and large campaign customers benefit from high visibility grace our  content distribution network enabling  up to six  play-outs per hour on each screen in our associated fitness studios.