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With airtango music you’re listening to handpicked content from numerous, contemporary genres, which motivate you during workouts. With airtango music you save the mandatory performance fees royalties while  offering your members the ultimate  background music experience

Audio Sample MORNING

Start the day relaxed with airtango music.

Audio Sample NOON

The active pause with airtango music.

Audio Sample AFTERNOON

Your end of the day with airtango music.

Audio Sample EVENING

The perfect final spurt with airtango music.


+ Saving the cost of mandatory royalties by collection companies
+ easy installation and operation
+ high class compilation of handpicked tracks
+ continuous additions to our programs
+ program designed to hold attention


Management Instore TV

Steffen Knödler

Management Instore TV

Marcus Schlosser

Management Instore TV

Chang-Hun Jo

Senior Software Developer

Clement Borchers

Senior Software Developer

Fabian Bahle

Content Manager

Kristian Kanatschnig

Marketing Manager

Dominik Ehrler

Senior Support Manager

Friedrich Deininger

Software Developer 

Kevin Fleuchaus

Support Manager

Robin Hägele

Head of Content

Alex Steiman

Senior Consultant

Michael Holte

airtango MUSIC is part of the unit airtango Instore TV GmbH. The independent company, also founded in 2016, produces and markets music and video content in the areas of sports, entertainment and travel.